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Great Services for Self Care

***Please note these are friendly suggestion that Psychotherapist Saunia Palmer Nelson has tried, or is trying to implement into her own self care routine when affordable and available. These are not mandatory requirements for services with Refining Therapy Services. The purpose of this list is to help provide examples of what local services are available within the GTA, and can be added to one’s self care routine.  Feel free to share other services with Psychotherapist Saunia Palmer Nelson that can be added to this list and shared with others in the community.

  1. @themotherofcurl

  • Natural Hair & Restoration, Natural Hair Care & Maintenance, Vegan & Botanical Scalp Therapy

  2. @exfolierrejuvene

  • Healthy skin care (inclusive to all skin types)

  • Brows

  • Lashes

  3. Sugar N Massage Spalon

  • Numerous Health and Beauty services

  • Great sugar waxing services for all skin types and skin sensitivities

  4. Serene Beauty Studio Inc

  • Skin Therapist

  • Makeup/Hair Artist

  5. @jiel_hair

  • Mobile natural hair Stylist

  6. @omgwhodidyourhair

  • Beauty, cosmetic & personal care

  7. @sarahnaomihcb

  • Mobile Hair stylist

  • Instructor


  8. Hael Wellness Inc.

  • Holistic Wellness

  • Holistic Health Coaching


  9. Lenjo Bakes

  • Awesome sweet treats

  10. Daniela Goode Thomas - GospelGroove Classes

  • Fitness & Wellness Education Specialist


  11. @clubenhergy

  • Female Fitness Club

  • Empowering women through health & fitness


  12. @enhergize

  • Helping women reach their fitness


  13. @fitt2me Coach Tumi Joda - Fitness & Nutrition services

  14. Mclean Teeth Dental Hygiene care

        (437) 246-8331


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